Sidney Brammer Reads from Her Work-in-Progress

5:45-7:00 pm
In the Shelton Timberland Library Meeting Room


In partnership with the Shelton Timberland Library, Hypatia-in-the-Woods presents resident Sidney Bramemr, Austin, Texas.

“My in-progress work focuses upon the lives of gifted young artists and the challenges and conflicts that come with being artistically inclined when growing up in a cultural backwater. I’m interested, also, in the blessings and burdens of artistic heritage, be it gained through nature or nurture, particularly the unexpected richness of musical legacy passed down in our western outback. My protagonists are usually females emerging from the barren geographies and narrow social confines of Texas and Oklahoma to find themselves as artists.”

Author Sidney Brammer

Sidney Brammer is an Adjunct Associate Professor in Creative Writing at Austin Community College in Austin, Texas, where she teaches screenwriting and playwriting. After many years as a dramatist, journalist, film industry worker and film and theatre director, she is now writing fiction. She has had two short stories published, in Southwest Review (2009) and Connotation Press (2012). She is also at work on two novels, one of which will be her thesis manuscript for earning her MFA in Fiction from the Rainier Writing Workshop of Pacific Lutheran University (in 2013). She hails from a Texas literary family—her father was Texas novelist Billy Lee Brammer (The Gay Place), and her mother, Nadine Eckhardt, a memoirist (Duchess of Palms).