Who was Hypatia?

Pencil drawn portrait of Hypatia, the logo for Hypatia-in-the-WoodsHypatia was born in Alexandria about 355CE. Her early learning concentrated on mathematics and astronomy. She edited and annotated works by such authors as Diophantus and Ptolemy and is credited with early advances concerning the projection of the spheres and making scientific instruments.

Her circle of colleagues and followers formed a community based on neo-Platonic systems of thought and intellectual ties. Through private teaching and public lectures, her fame was such that she became the natural adviser on current issues far and wide.

She was seen by her society as a model of courage, civic devotion and intellectual prowess. Eventually her moral authority and political influence made her a threat to the Christian patriarch, Cyril. In 415CD she was murdered by a mob of fanatical monks and her body burned.

Because of her courage and strength of conviction, Hypatia serves as our role model and inspiration.

Hypatia is the subject of the 2009 movie, Agora, starring Rachel Weisz as Hypatia.  

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