Kim Sharp, Writer

Kim Sharp

“As you know, the book I am working on is about loss and grief. Within less than 24-hours in Holly House, I felt the scope of my book change dramatically. It’s not as dark as it once was. While it is still about my grief process, it’s told through the lens of life and love. The words flow more freely now, and my writing process itself has become more organic. I’m reaching more into my self and my soul rather than turning to old writings.

I’ve done a lot of reflecting this week, trying to figure out just what it was about that experience that was so transformative. The solitude, the landscape, and the lack of distractions were a blessing. But what guided me most was the Board’s mission: your commitment to upholding the legacy of your dear friend. Holly House is filled with Elspeth’s spirit. It was an honor to get to know her by living in a place built by her dream to support women like myself.
Thank you for this beautiful opportunity, for supporting my writing. I am forever changed, and forever grateful.”
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