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Alliance of Artist Communities is a great resource for residencies all over the United States.   Holly House is listed!

Hypatia-in-the-Woods is located outside of Shelton, Washington, part of the region known as South Puget Sound.

Hypatia Trust in Cornwall, England, directed by Melissa Hardie, a friend of Elspeth’s, was one of the main inspirations for Hypatia-in-the-Woods.  “The Hypatia Trust was created to collect, and make available, published and personal documentation about the achievements of women in every aspect of their lives.

The historical person, Hypatia, is the subject of the 2009 movie, Agorastarring Rachel Weisz. 


Life Members:

Patricia Chupa, book artist

Robert and Irene Holly

Dorothy Brovarney

Maxine Reinschidt

Martha Worcester

Suzanne Shaw


Volunteers and Friends:

Seven amazing drawings completed or inspired by Robin Smith‘s time in Holly House during her 2011 residency can be seen in her gallery: Look for Hypatia’s Woods I, Hypatia’s Woods II, Last Light, Beneath the Sky, Standing Still, Microcosm, and Underfoot.

Mary Ann Fraser   After a distinguished career in preschool education, Mary Ann made a 90-degree professional turn to become a bookseller and readers advisor at Sage Book Store in Shelton, where she was introduced to Hypatia.  She holds a degree in early childhood education and state certification in training for domestic violence mediation, and child advocacy.  She has served as a volunteer for several related county agencies.

Jean Busch (member, Selection Committee)

Marilyn Vogler

Alice Taylor (resident interviewer)

Maitri Sojourner

Gloria Norenberg

Annette Matrisciano

Eileen McGorry

Anne Edge

Lindy Cameron Co-owner of Brilliant Moon Book Store, a favorite Hypatia community venue, until its closing in April 2019

Mary Schroeder Co-owner of Brilliant Moon Book Store, a favorite Hypatia community venue, until its closing in April 2019.

Rebecca Hom

Martha Worcester

Llyn de Danaan

Lynn Busacca

Ellen Shortt-Sanchez

Lise Tabb

Malin Almroth-Kelley

Julia Moore

Pat Edmondson

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