Hypatia & Holly House

A Resource for Women in the Arts, Academia, and Entrepreneurship

Robin Olsen painting by window

Resident Robin Olsen painting in Holly House

“I came here for three weeks to paint, which I did, but, as so many have said before me, my time here has been so much richer than that. …The first week here I sat in gratitude as I felt the knots unwinding in my mind. For the first time ever, my morning journal pages were not filled with “to do” lists, but instead were a quiet appreciation of the moment or deeper pondering about where I want my work to go.”   Robin Olsen

Hypatia-in-the-Woods provides and maintains Holly House, a residential retreat center for women of all creative talents, in a serene environment free of the distractions of everyday life.

We welcome applications for residencies from women in the arts – broadly defined to include visual, written, and performing arts, as well as other similar forms of creative expression – in entrepreneurship and in academic professions.

  Check Apply for Residency page for calendar.

in cooperation with the Timberland Shelton Library,
periodically sponsors presentations and workshops by residents
as part of the Timberland Regional Library Adult Programs

see our Events page for details

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