Friday, July 12, 2019, from 12:30 to 2:30, Maryanne Berry, Ph.D, will offer a workshop at the Shelton Timberland  Library.  Join Maryanne in this afternoon workshop focused on exploring methods of writing about personal experience. Perhaps you need to include a “personal statement” for an admissions essay, scholarship or job application. Maybe you have stories you would like to share with friends or family. Whatever urges you to write about your own life, attend this workshop for valuable strategies and resources.

Dr. Berry is Chair of the English Department at Cardinal Newman High School, Santa Rosa, California.  From her bio on the school web site:

When Mrs. Berry began her teaching career in 1983, she already knew how much she loved literature and writing. Working with students, she quickly discovered how much she loved teaching. Her students have motivated her to pursue advanced degrees in order to stay current with methods of engaging them. Her doctoral degree in Education involved a collaborative project between UC Berkeley students of architecture and elementary and high school students of English. Together the students designed virtual libraries and in the process envisioned future literacies. In her classes, seminar style instruction, critical and creative assignments, and service learning projects invite students to participate in a continual process of discovery.


Tuesday, August 6, 2019, at 6:00pm, Deborah G. Shannan will present a program at the Shelton Timberland Library:

Patterns in Nature – What they are, Where to Find them and How to Photograph them
As humans we crave the familiar in a chaotic natural world.  Look closely and you will find a pattern. With a blending of both science and art, come and hear about the types of patterns frequently found in nature.  Learn how to recognize nature’s patterns and how best to make photographs that capture intimate pattern details.
Bio/Artist Statement
Deb Shannan is an intimate landscape and botanical photographer based in Basalt, Colorado.  A former science teacher now turned photographer, Deb captures the small vignettes found within the larger chaotic natural world.  She is intrigued by scale, seasonal change, and the relationships necessary to sustain life. In her images she seeks to find shape, patterns, and textures attempting to provide the viewer with the essence of a quiet and contemplative scene. Her final photographs are often printed using the historic alternative process of hand coated platinum/palladium solutions on fine art paper.
Examples of Deb’s work may be viewed at:


These events are part of the Summer Library Program, a Timberland Regional Library district-wide program.

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