Stories of the Internal Pilgrimage

Playback theatre with the Heartsparkle Players — April 13, 2012

“The Heartsparkle Players are a very talented group of performers. Their ability to listen and communicate with the audience and with each other is extraordinary. Their performances were powerful and evocative, yet alsohumorous and poignant.” ~ School Counselor

Stories of the Internal Pilgrimage in collaboration with Hypatia-in-the-Woods.

Photo of Heartsparkle Players, playback theater improvisation troup in Olympia, Washington

Playback Theatre, a form of improvisation, is a spontaneous collaboration between performers and audience. People tell moments from their lives, then watch them re-created with movement, music and dialogues.  

Each month Heartsparkle Players invite a guest artist, community organization, arts program or social service agency to be part of their performance.

Traditions Cafe – 300 5th Ave SW, Olympia, Washington    7:30 pm

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