As applications for residencies in Holly House for 2013 come in, we begin conversations with these women about sharing their work with our local community. Hypatia is pleased to partner again with the Shelton Timberland Regional Library which hosts readings, workshops, and performances by our residents. We don’t know yet what all the second year of the program might hold — basketry, oil painting, and memoir writing are being planned thus far — but I want to take a moment in this blog to thank again the residents of 2012 who made our first year’s partnership with the library so much fun.  Here’s a recap of the last season; we’ll post news of upcoming events as details are worked out. Hope to see you at the Library!

Photo of Ruby Murray reading from her latest book.

Ruby Murray reading from her work.

Ruby Hansen Murray initiated the Timberland series (and yes, it was 2011, but December, so almost 2012) with an afternoon discussion of researching and telling family stories and reading from The Heart Stays People, the story of an Osage Indian girl who is captured and must find her way home in 1820’s Arkansas.  Since her reading the book received First Place in the Historical Novel category of the 2012 OWFI Annual Writing Content.  Congratulations and thank you for sharing, Ruby! Do I remember your saying you’ve finished it?

Margaret Chula reads at the Shelton Timberland Library June 2012

Margaret Chula shares her haiku poetry.

Margaret “Maggie” Chula returned to Hypatia-in-the-Woods in June 2012 to present workshop on haiku, a bright summer morning spent writing and wandering the grounds, as well as a reading at the library from What Remains, her newest book and discussing of her life in Japan for 12 years. Maggie shares some of her poems on her website.  

Photo of the side of the Holly House at Hypatia-in-the-Woods showing the ramp entrance.

Holly House

In July Sidney Brammer extended her final residency for an MFA from Pacific Lutheran University with a residency at Holly House, and read from her novel Blue Norther. Five pages of a synopsis and an evening of reading weren’t nearly enough; we wait eagerly for its publication. A bit of background: the novel borrows its title from the name of a weather phenomenon.

Movie poster for the script written by Lenore Norrgard, Holly House resident in 2012

Poster for the movie written by Lenore Norrgard

And in August Lenore Norregard read from her screenplay American Ubuntu. She ran a successful Kickstarter campaign in late 2012 to bring it to the screen. In both video and written text, her Kickstarter page tells a wonderful story about the journey.  Norregard says on Facebook: “Posters in production, check. Mailing tubes, check. Address labels, check. Music download cards, check. Envelopes, check. BUMPER STICKERS? oh, geez… I really, REALLY want to ship the rewards before I go to LA next week…”  Congratulations Lenore!

Abigail Vaughan explains a detail to workshop participants.

Abigail Vaughan explains a detail to workshop participants.

September saw two workshops — firsts in what had previously been a series of readings.

Abigail Vaughan brought an afternoon of watercolor illustration turning the reading space into a hands-on workshop.

Traci Schatz continued the trend by conducting a workshop in writing to connect with the self. Both were packed and most appreciated by participants.

Traci Schatz, member, Portland Women Writers

Traci Schatz, member, Portland Women Writers

Erin Daly and Nomy Lamm - Double Hug

Erin Daly and Nomy Lamm – Double Hug

The final presentation of the season was another first as ((Double Hug)), Nomy Lamm and Erin Daly, presented music they’d collaborated on during their stay at Hypatia and earlier. They recorded a CD while with us, “Sustenance: Songs & Spells for Decolonizing Bodies.” I don’t know if copies are still available, but you can contact Nomy.